Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture (2)

Considering the opportunity for putting up a photo of my newest pet, there is definitely a texture in this little guy’s being…more to come in the future! Actually her name is “Woody”, and since we finally discovered that she was possibly too quiet to be a male (they get very loud and obnoxious in their mating sounds…watch this www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXeW2B5gCtc) she is now Ms. Woody. Seems like every pet we get is a female, ha, ha.

The origin of her name is quite obvious…she is a Woodhouse Toad. Isn’t she cute, only about an inch in diameter. She eats lots of worms, beetles, crickets, ants and other insects…and is known for eating mosquitoes  (YEAH) this has been one of those years that the city has had to spray to keep us all from the West Nile virus!

Ms. Woody

Ms. Woody




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